Crime Fiction – Why It’s Good!


Ever heard someone say, “Fictional crime stories are good for you.”? All we hear or read are the vices created by them. But here I am; an admirer of the crime, mystery and detective fiction genre myself, and with childhood favourites like Scooby Doo, Famous Five and Secret Seven, I have witnessed its useful aspects, numbered five to date and still counting.

1.  Improves Logical Reasoning:

In all crime fiction, the story starts with an apparently perfect and nearly impossible crime, but not for too long. One hint leads to another and clue after clue, they start making sense. The viewers or readers develop their mind’s reasoning and demand logical explanations for almost everything. The brain becomes habitual of disapproving just about anything short of reason.

2.  Offers Legal Knowledge:

No good crime fiction lacks a thorough flow of law-related terms now and then. Although we might not understand everything being said in the court processions, we are bound to pick up some of it. Discussions on the penalties of several crimes incarnate a feeling of fear, and who knows, someone might get rid of their crazy idea to stir up trouble.

3.  Increases Awareness:

Given a situation where one comes across a crime familiar to what an imaginary culprit has already committed, they would better know what to do and being well-aware of the consequences, would be cautious in order to avoid destroying any evidence or contaminating the crime scene.

4.  Sharpens Brain Activity:

Solving the crime alongside the protagonist of the story will have you mentally solve a jigsaw puzzle. Introduced to a crime at the start, with each trace discovered, you will be engrossed in evaluating the piece against the scenario, finding the right place for it, to get the whole picture. Repetitively exercising episode after episode and drama after drama; chapter after chapter and novel after novel; each challenge will take you a step ahead. After all, what good is an idle brain? The more you use it, the sharper it becomes.

5.  Strengthens Faith in Justice:

Last but not the least, no crime goes unpunished in fiction. Eventually, a criminal is never at large or free; they all rot in prison, commit suicide or die. If the writer is forgiving enough, there might even be a change of heart. Rarely do we come across a story without a just ending; and even if so, there could be a thing or two for us to know where it went wrong.

And of course, not to forget the thrill, suspense, charades, chases, and quite often, the charmingly smart and humorous characters are bound to get you hooked. Take your pick from our suggestions of TV Shows:

    • •  TEN: Special Affairs Team

    • •  Sherlock

    • •  Monk

    • •  White Collar

    • •  Arrow

Prefer reading over watching? Choose a novel by the most notable authors of the genre:

    • •  Agatha Christie

    • •  James Patterson

    • •  Edgar Allan Poe

    • •  Sidney Sheldon

    • •  Robert J. Randisi

Give it a shot if you haven’t tried already, and if you have, tell us your favorites that we might have missed out on!


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