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Dream Killing!

[flexslider][flexitem img=”” alt=””][/flexslider]The dream killing should now be stopped because everyone has the right to dream and aim. No one should be stopped from following their dream….[link url=””]Read More[/link]


Student Life – Eliminating The Daily Headache!

[flexslider][flexitem img=”” alt=””][/flexslider] Last one minute… and your time is over, stop writing! Winding my things up, many things are left unsaid in my mind. Carefully, packing my bag, I always wonder who’s going to win this race…[link url=””]Read More[/link]

Does GPA Matter?

[flexslider][flexitem img=”” alt=””][/flexslider] “GPA doesn’t matter!” As students of now, it’s a popular phrase we’ve often heard and said ourselves, not just after scoring a low GPA, but even before attempting for a fair one….[link url=”″]Read More[/link]

Universities – The Beginning of a New Chapter

[flexslider][flexitem img=”” alt=””][/flexslider] The time for getting ready to start a new era of professional education is upon many of us since the university admissions are open for freshies of 2014. In contrast to what….[link url=””]Read More[/link]

Career Choice Level: Untraditional !

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Everything comes with a price tag. Maybe not always literally, but nothing really comes for free; especially freedom. I’m not talking about national or political freedom, those are big things. ….[link url=””]Read More[/link]