Dream Killing

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Everybody born in the world has a right to dream. This is a congenital right of every person given by state, constitution and religion. A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions for great ambition is the passion of great character. Chapter 1 (part 2) postulate 22 of 1973 Pakistan constitution says that:

“Every citizen shall have the right to enter upon any lawful profession or occupation and to conduct any lawful trade or business.”

This postulate grants free choice to all citizens to choose their career of their own will. Men are born with natural talents, abilities, ideas and thoughts such that certain tasks become easy to them. When we employ our natural talent in a specific orientation, we tend to receive compliments for our natural abilities. So, it is most yielding to choose a field where our natural talent and interest lay. The human brain is organized so as to perform multiple tasks but jobs executed unwillingly feel more burdensome and “work-like” rather than passionate and enjoyable, and there is no work done without passion and dedication. Choosing a career against your own will is just welcoming stress.

Some of the key factors which assist in determining your career orientation are personality strengths, interests and ideologies.  Your view on aspects of life and living, both, act as helping element for you to select that which is most suitable for you; that for which you are made. Revealing the hidden skills of a child is the task of parents and teachers. Once identified, children should be encouraged to pursue directions where their skills can be enhanced and recognized. And mind that not everybody in this world is destined to be a doctor or an engineer. The world is moving on, attributing hundreds of professions to people. It is of basic requirement that one’s personality and motor skills are in synchronization with his work and passion in order to attain maximum output.

The world today is of hastily growing competitive nature, it’s rapid pace hard to cope with. Well-aware parents, who have suffered from this bitter reality themselves, push their children to a limited circle of prominent professions, wanting them to have a glorious future with a grand lifestyle and well-paying career to meet the high standards of the 21st century, believing it is the best for them while neglecting their interests and inclinations. Restricting; instead of appreciating diversity.

Another category of parents, as seen, want their kids to follow their footsteps into the professions they belong; for instance medicine, law, engineering or business etc. They impose themselves on their children, forcing their mentality upon them, and imposing their professional fields over the children. Educational experts and career counselors suggest that parents should just guide their children to choose their profession wisely rather than enforcing theirs upon them. Competition for colleges and careers in South Asia is keener at this moment. Parents exhibit great expectations from their children, who, killing their own dreams, tend to fulfill those expectations responsibly and dutifully. People who select careers other than what they really wanted find their work hectic, tedious and boring while those who opt for what they dreamt of seem more content and are more dedicated in achieving prospects. Researchers found that careers of medicine, technology, mathematics and engineering are adopted by 9% of students by their own will and by 91% of students under the influence of others. Such students are only left with depression and stress.

Fawad Khan, leading actor and model, earned a Telecommunication Engineering degree from FAST-NU. His father wanted him to follow his career in engineering but he found himself inclined towards showbiz. Thus, he pursued his passion against his father’s will and indeed, television proved to be more successful for him.

Arfa Karim, IT expert, was fond of software technology. Her father, grasping her orientation of interest, got her admitted to a software teaching institution at 7 years of age. Consequently, by achieving a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Microsoft at 9, she earned an exceptional name.

The movie, 3 Idiots, starring Amir Khan and Kareena Kapoor, is the best example in this regard, depicting the career-imposition culture in South Asia. The illustration of the parent-children conflict can clearly be observed. The protagonist is someone who wants to expose his talent, but his parents hinder the way and selfishly force him into adopting their choice, as a result of which, he commits suicide, for engineering is more challenging to him than dying.

In nutshell, life does not terminate at the mercy of esteemed professions. There is a lot in this world to explore and unveil. Parents should let their children unravel their own path into the world themselves, rather than make them do what generations have already done.

Awwab Ali. (Content Writer int3ger)

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