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6 Health Myths You Always Believed !

When I was a kid my mom always asked me not to go outside with wet hair or I will catch a cold. Almost all of us have heard this from our elders and believe this. But is there any evidence or supporting fact that proves that going out in cold with wet hair will get ...[link url=””]Read More[/link]


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Ramadan Special: Overeating Resolved!

As special as is the month of Ramadan in terms of sacredness for us Muslims around the world, it is so too in the rituals of suhoor and iftar; and not to mention, the delicacies that accompany them.….[link url=””]Read More[/link]

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Upset Stomach Got You Down !

Is gas bothering you? Going to the bathroom again and again and then just giving up to the relentless game of cat and mouse. Don’t worry folks because there is a remedy….[link url=””]Read More[/link]