How to Install WordPress on Your PC – Tutorial 1



As a learner you may not have a domain and hosting where you can install WordPress and practice. This tutorial is about how to install WordPress on your PC so that you can practice offline on WordPress.

WAMP Server

We will install WAMP Server on our PC for this purpose. WampServer is a compilation of Apache web server, PHP and MySQL compiled for Windows computers. There are other clients for Windows for the same purpose such as XAMPP, but we will use and recommend WAMP. It is free and easy to use.

The following video tutorial will guide you step by step on how to install WordPress on your PC using WAMP server.

How to Install WordPress on your PC using WAMP server:


Links Used in the Video:

Comment here or in the facebook group if you have any problems installing WAMP server or any other thing .


If any of you is getting a problem that WAMP icon doesn’t turn green follow these steps:

  1. Do left click on  WAMP server icon ->Apache ->Service-> Test port 80
  2. This will load a command window and tell you what is using port 80.
  3. Stop or uninstall that application
  4. Exit and restart wamp.

Usually Skype or teamviewer use port 80 and you can’t simply uninstall them so do this:

  1. Click the WAMP server icon > Apache > httpd.conf.
  2. Then change the line Listen 80 to Listen 8080 or any port you want.
  3. Save the file in C:/wamp.
  4. Exit and restart wamp.

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