The Ice Bucket Challenge!

Ice Bucket Challenge

You may have noticed videos of people doing the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and then nominating others to do the same have gone viral on the internet. Many celebrities around the world have performed this challenge and shared videos with their thousands of fans. Here are the things you need to know about The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

What is Ice Bucket Challenge?

Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign to raise awareness about a nuerological disease ALS. The participant must dump a bucket full of ice cold water over his/her head and then nominate 3 other people for the challenge. If any one of them fail to do so, he/she will have to donate $100 to the ALS Association. Those who complete the challenge in time also pay $10 to the ALS Association(rarely followed).

How Did it Start?

  • There is no clear information about the origin of this challenge. However,  following ideas are put forward about the origin of this challenge:
  • It started with the name of “Cold Water Challenge” in Northern United States to collect money for cancer patients.
  • The idea of dumping cold water also became popular in New Zealand to run a charity drive for cancer patients.
  • In the US the idea became popular when the challenge was performed live in a program named Morning Drive aired on Golf Channel.
  • The idea reached a former US base ball player Pete Frates who is a long time ALS patient. He spread the idea widely on social media and the challenge went viral after a lot of celebrities performed this!

How Does This Challenge Help ALS Association?

The Ice Bucket Challenge has brought a lot of awareness about ALS all over the world. The association has received huge donations from people who opted to donate rather than performing the challenge! According to the ALS website they have almost received nearly $23 Million since the start of Ice Bucket Challenge!

How Hard Has This Challenge Hit Social Media?

According to some sources nearly 1.2 Million Ice Bucket Challenge videos have been shared on Facebook between July 1 and August 13. The challenge also went viral on Twitter with about 2.2 Million mentions since July 29.

How Long Will it Take For the Whole World to Complete this Challenge?

According to calculations it may take 30 to 35 days for the whole population of Earth to perform this challenge!

Celebs Taking The Ice Bucket Challenge!

US President Barack Obama was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge by Justin Beiber but Obama refused and donated $100 to the association. Basketball star Lebron James also performed the challenge. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg performed the challenge and nominated Bill Gates for it.Football Star Christiano Ronaldo also performed this challenge and the list goes on!

Ice Bucket Challenges Gone Wrong!

Ice Bucket Challenges have been performed by a lot of people but some of them just went wrong! Maybe it’s hilarious 😀 Have a look!

and this one also !

and another one !

Have you performed the challenge? Share your video in comments or inbox us on our facebook



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