The Inqilaab


It is quite amazing to know that some people can gather such a large crowd at one call only. With a quick foreword that I certainly am not a pro-PTI, PAT or PMLN, it is my view that being adamant will bring no good either.

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It has been told that wrapping up the system, collapsing the whole structure and starting with the grass-root level to lay an entirely fresh foundation are the possible solutions to our dire political, economic, judicial and social problems. However, though these plans have far reaching consequences, they also seem too farfetched.

A complete inqilaab (revolution) requires, as its basis, a long deliberate struggle: to evolve slowly to revolutionize. Let’s not talk about this, which most of us are not completely acquainted to, but the most incredible example of revolution in the history of mankind; it took almost twenty three years for Hazrat Muhammad SAW to liberate the Arabs form the bonds of slavery, ignorance and set them on the path of success. It is, therefore, undeniable that to positively change the thinking of masses, one needs to preach the thought fervently with unswerving efforts. And this is, undoubtedly, the most difficult task.

As it is also indicated by our leaders, with pronounced emphasis, in their speeches every Independence Day, that our country was founded in the name of Islam and we need to make our state practically Islamic. It is also not going to happen just overnight, with only empty appeals urging the population towards Islam, having the knowledge of the practices of our affluent ones. So it is of vital importance to mold the minds of people as a first step.

I can distinctly remember that, it was one of our teachers in college, who was of the view that no one presently in our political scenery is worthy of being voted to power, since leadership is void of all the qualities a leader ought to have. When asked about Imran Khan, he said that his revolution is also not going to be effective unless he struggles more than just talking, by mobilizing people in his effort, not just politically – as it is apparent that many affirm his politics – but also morally.

To further talk about personal responsibility, the recent message of Javed Chaudhry, a noted journalist, is quite appealing. He said, in one of his program, that our every politician is waiting to gain office of the Prime Minister while they are not willing to put forward their substance until they do so.

The siege, read on:, has entered its fourth day and I shudder to think of how the residents of the locality would be coping with a total lockdown (what many had to endure in Model Town Lahore a few days earlier) and not to mention the business losses too. The suspension of postal services caused my package be delayed to this date, which was intended to be sent to Islamabad on 11th of this month. Had our utterly incapable government been shrewd in its diplomatic proceedings, this whole scenario surely could have been avoided. They did not try in the first place to calm the opposing parties down and are still not doing anything as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening that calls for immediate action.

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