Installing and Setting Up a WordPress Theme – Tutorial 3


Last tutorial we discussed about the different options available in the WordPress Dashboard. We also created a post and a page discussing the different fields present on the back end editor of each one of them. The important thing was the difference between posts and pages.

WordPress works in such a way that the design, outlook and interface of our website is all coded up in the form of a theme. Each theme has different design, interface and features. After the first installation of WordPress 4.1 as we did in our first tutorial, the default “twentyfifteen” theme is active. The different options and fields appearing in the WordPress Dashboard and other settings pages like Post Editor and Page Editor depend on the theme we are using. The default WordPress theme is considered as a standard and nearly all themes have these features plus a lot of other features. When we are making professional corporate sites, most of the times we are using custom themes available in the market with a bunch lot of features than the default theme so in this tutorial I will directly jump to installing and setting up a WordPress theme because there are a lot of other tutorials available on the internet which teach you how to use themes which are used only to make personal blogs with basic features.

So lets go through installing and setting up a WordPress theme.

Installing and Setting Up a WordPress Theme Video

Links Used:

The Mexin theme: Download here. View theme demo here.

The demo data file: Download here.

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