Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations!

[big_title]Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations![/big_title]

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The one question on everyone’s mind soon after Iftar on the 29th of Ramadan; “Has the moon been sighted yet? Is it Eid tomorrow?” Every potential Eid-ul-Fitr eve, our parents tell us how, contrary to the current popular culture where the news is just a click away, neighbours before would gather on their rooftops to witness the moon sighting together. What remain common are the well wishes and warm greetings that have outlasted the merciless modernization. Replacements have occurred; announcements in mosques with TV broadcast, Eid cards with Facebook status updates, one on one phone calls with text messages forwarded to an entire list, and other ways may have changed, but the anticipation, excitement and delight continues to be evident even today. While Eid celebrations have evolved over the past decade, some trends have managed to withstand the changes. These traditions need no introduction. Eid prayer, dresses, henna, sweets, outings, and of course, Eidi. Some wholeheartedly indulge into these rituals, and others like to keep it moderate, but Eid is one day when even the laziest people go for a change and make an effort. So even if you’re not bursting with enthusiasm, put on a smile, embrace, share greetings, dress up, give and take Eidi, enjoy delicacies, rejoice and treat Eid just as special as it is. Celebrate, for Eid is a day to be celebrated, but without extravagance. Keep in mind the discipline practiced in the last month, and remember those who might not be having such a blissful Eid. Don’t go over the top and lose the true purpose behind the festive day. It is a gift from Allah to the Muslims to celebrate the end of the blessed month of fasting beautifully. Relish it. Have a blessed and joyous Eid!

Eid Mubarak! 

– Nimrah Mustafa. (Consultant and Editor int3ger)

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