Pakistan, War on Terror and This Political War

[big_title]Pakistan, War on Terror and This Political War![/big_title]

The authorities of Islamic Republic of Pakistan have been in a state of panic for almost three days. As expected, our rulers have tried to do everything possible to make sure their power is not challenged. I guess I don’t need to refer the exact clause of our constitution to make you understand that it is government’s first and foremost duty to protect the life, honor and belongings of every citizen.

The decade I grew up in was full of media debates and analysis, among all the term which has struck me the most is “security state”. It has been repeatedly mentioned by many experts that after the start of the “War on Terror” Pakistan has converted to a “security state” from a “welfare state”. Without stepping deep into the details I’ll just mention that the top priority of a security state is to defend the state and its people from any external or internal threats. This means the protection of life, honor and belongings of people comes before their right to live a better, educated and up standard life.

Rounding off my argument, I’ll come to the point that in the last 13 years of our war on terror, which started shortly after 9/11, Pakistanis have never experienced an emergency situation as disastrous as they are facing now. We were hit by suicide bombers twice a day. National leaders, mosques, schools, colleges, offices, shrines and even military headquarters were targeted by terrorists. What the authorities did in return was condemn the attacks; and that’s it. No doubt, military operations in targeted areas were launched to counter the terrorists but no civil emergency was introduced in the cities.

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Elderly Women are seen crawling like insects to cross the blockades created by authorities.


Now, if no emergency situation was created even when the country was most gravely hit by the worst terrorists in our history, then why is there a need to impose emergency in cities of country? Are opposing protesters going to blow up a shrine or kill innocent people? The simple answer to this is “No”. None of the political leaders is going to do, or allow, such a thing. So, where does the difference arise? The two situations vary only in their victims of insecurity. In the war on terror, they were ‘people’ and in this political crisis, they are rulers. Keep in mind the two words: ‘rulers’; ‘people’. To differentiate between the two, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. Simply recall how they, the rulers, reacted when you, the people, were insecure and think about how they are reacting when they are insecure. I hope you understand the difference equation.

 In case you are not yet satisfied, I would like to share that the respectable, highest court of justice of the province, Lahore High Court has issued a decree on the issue of the blockade authorities have set all around and within the city:

“The blockade is ‘a rightful act under law’. No basic citizen rights affected. ”

I hope all this makes a perfect day for you.

Haseeb Elahi. (Writer int3ger)

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