Reasons to Love Pakistan!

[big_title]Reasons to Love Pakistan![/big_title]

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What comes to your mind after reading the title? Seriously, love Pakistan?

Oh! Pakistan has nothing. It has no electricity, gas, jobs, simply nothing.

A center of political and religious intolerance? A place to breed terrorism?

Certainly NOT! Let me amaze you by telling a few things about Pakistan that will make you feel proud. Yes, I am serious, proud!

Let’s talk about those people who have not only made us proud in Pakistan but across the world.

Edhi Ambulance Service

edhi ambulance

Mr. Abdus Sattar Edhi commonly called as “Edhi” runs the world’s LARGEST ambulance service network.

Saving Face


Miss Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has made us proud by winning an Oscar on her documentary “Saving Face”.

Mir Zafar Ali

This is what everybody knows but do you know which Pakistani got the first Oscar? Remember the movie released in 2013, “Frozen”? Yes, an Oscar winning movie, a super duper hit! Mir Zafar Ali, a Pakistani visual effects artist is the first Pakistani to get Oscar. He won the third Oscar award for his work in the movie, Frozen.

WAAR by Bilal Lashari


Another Paksitani who revived the Pakistani cinema and made people across the entire world, including Indian directors, praise the movie. Presenting, Bilal Lashari, the director of Waar.



Ali Rehan , the CEO of Groopic was the topic of interest among several companies while CNN covered his application too.


Zia Moheyuddin

Zia Moheyuddin, an actor, who not only worked in Pakistan but also in British cinema. His work includes Lawrence of Arabia, They Came From Beyond Space, Death of a Princess and many others and who doesn’t know about how good his voice overs are.


Youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals

World’s youngest certified Microsoft Experts Arfa Kareem (Late) and Babar Iqbal are from Pakistan.


World’s 2nd Largest Chickpea Producer

Pakistan is the world’s second-largest producer of chickpeas behind India.


Production of Footballs

Pakistan produces 50% of the world’s footballs. Recently, “Brazuca” the official match ball for FIFA World Cup 2014 made the country proud.

These are few those millions reasons to love Pakistan. Pakistan needs loyalty and love from it’s people. Love Pakistan and work, like several have, to make it proud. Die for Pakistan but do not let Pakistan die for you. I would end by altering William Cowper’s words,

Pakistan with all thy faults, I love thee still. My country!


Khizra Naseem. (Content Writer and Photographer int3ger)

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