Technology is making us anti social…

[big_title]Technology is making us anti social…[/big_title]

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Communication and modes of interaction have undergone a complete revolution over the past few decades. With the advent of internet and the world becoming a global village, almost every person is just at a distance of a mouse click. This somehow seems promising for a strong social order where people are virtually connected to each other 24/7. The prevalent situation, however, narrates an entirely different story.

As the uncompromising time moved forward the behaviors also changed, and frankly, for the worse. The invention of mobile phone was intended to cater to other peoples’ problems, being attentive and all ears while listening, being polite, being receptive and above all, spreading and practicing the true essence of brotherhood; that’s all what courtesy demands. Glory and rich traditions are the two valuables, long forgotten today, but found in our past. The world and its daily course of business ran just the same. Only, it was characterized by more genuine relations as opposed to present. People attended their jobs, had the similar desire to excel, the difference of the poor and rich was there but nonetheless, a very profound humane character still existed. Whether it be a huge city or a small village, people cared about each other. A neighbourhood was like a family. They linked their happiness to others and others’ grief was also their sorrow. This is how our parents had their lives full of colors of joy and unity to serve the purpose of versatility. Yes, the mobile phone has helped us a lot too. But the demerit that has been uncovered over time from this useful invention is the lack of true emotions and an increased habit of lies. Not only this, but the fraudulent endeavors can also be carried out quite easily to scam people out of their money just with the help of mobiles. Apart from the criminal issues, it is quite alarming that while connecting, the cell phones have also distanced us from our families.  Now we see, only what fits, is a phone call or a text message. Then later on, this civility also faints gradually and the oblivion for our blood relations is the end result. As it is quite hilariously quoted, ‘the beauty of today’s electronic devices is that you can have any kind of discourse maintaining a cool distance without any quick repercussions’.

While our electronic media proclaim to raise issues of importance pertaining to our society, it is also an undeniable fact that with the increase in the number of people on the receiving end of the digitally published literature, there has also been a massive increase in our social problems.

We need not to scratch the surface to any considerable depth. The one significant reason of the demise of our traditionally rich conventional family system is dramas. Of course, we as Muslims have to observe some boundaries of respect and grace, which are no more practiced in the western world. However, in the line of pursuing their every act, we also forget who we are and give the argument that the world has past these primitive thoughts of following a code of conduct. The call for equal women rights has become an utter mistreatment. The insecurity of the women’s respect in the surroundings is caused by nothing but the indistinct distance between men and women, just as it is propagated to be the modern way of living. As opposed to today’s dramas, previously they were indeed the source of teaching high standards of morals. For example, the script taught how the words should be put together and expressed the most exquisite forms of the language. But the absurd content included in the latest electronic media, abstains a family to sit together in front of a television. No wonder teenagers want to get entangled in love affairs when it is publicly legitimized.

To assist the seriously falling standards of our social norms, these social networking websites are doing their job with utmost sincerity. Along with other many detriments, the one thing that makes you vulnerable to the evil is that your thoughts become public. Somehow your privacy remains at stake due to mutual links among your circle of friends on a social network.

Furthermore the technology and the exposition of being well acquainted with it, requires one to hold the latest of the models. This causes people to despise off unknowingly; and vanity is said to be self deception. If one holds a smart phone in his hand worth 0.5 lac rupees then surely even the most modest of all will become a victim of the ‘pride in his belongings’. Also, to obtain such enthusiastic gadgets, one needs to work hard to earn ample money. This also explains the undue overtime work which keeps a father’s requisite attention away from his child, and in several cases, both working parents to provide their children with the modern technology, resulting in child’s involvement in illicit activities for instance, premature smoking.

Undoubtedly, we can also state countless benefits at hand but we can never overlook the far-reaching disadvantages. One cannot think of living without these technological advancements today, so we need to look for ways to overcome the threats we face of the complete destruction of our social values.

Muhammad Farhan. (Content Writer int3ger)

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