Will You Walk With Me?

[big_title]Will You Walk With Me?[/big_title]

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Physicists say that outside our space-time, “Time” doesn’t exist, but for us, the earthlings, “Time” processes in a linear fashion… forward and forward… without offering any chance to raise a single step in the direction of “Past”. It seems like the time has stopped for us… the brown people to be precise. It feels like the needles of the clock of our fate are hanged at some particular position… pointing their sharp edges towards us… like they are blaming us for this… for our fate.

I don’t watch much television now. I guess I have become weak. The news channels suck that life-like touch out of my soul. The news of brothers killing brothers over some capital, those bombs of which you don’t have any idea of where they come from, the slaughtering of humans due to religious fanaticism and so on. Every time I come across such news, the neurotransmitters carrying the chemicals of “Depression” deluge my mind with a long lasting chaotic dullness.

People become melancholic when they have either been through some trauma or have piled up enough knowledge in their minds. The brown people, particularly the Pakistanis, have experienced both of these. This state of perplexity has acquired such a level that now we don’t even know where we stand. Are we suffering or are we just witnessing our suffering brothers? Perhaps the answer lies in one’s definition of “Suffering”. Whether he considers his own corporal “Suffering” a suffering or his brother’s “Suffering” that drills the soul to unfathomable depths, a suffering.

In 1971, John Lennon –a musician– wrote a song named “Imagine”. Quoting one of its stanzas:

Imagine no possessions
 I wonder if you can
 No need for greed or hunger
 A brotherhood of man
 Imagine all the people
 Sharing all the world

The first time I heard it, I had this urge to title this man with a word like “Ignorant”, or something like that. I thought of him as a man of “Fantasy”. But now … now I think he was right. He had sensed the future. May be now we are standing at a point where the only way for us to get a catharsis is to follow those fantastical ideas. “Hope”, for instance.

They bombed two major cities of Japan. Even the mental visualization of that scenario throws a wave of terror on one’s soul. They were devastated to every single inch. But now when I see their country, their level of advancement and their faces, I don’t see a trace of “Lament” on them. For years I kept this idea in my mind that, that nation consisted of some kind of impassive magical creatures who will go back to work every day swaying away all the memories of the yesterday … like robots.  But then I developed some interest in their status. I started digging their statistics and all I found was “work, work and work”. “Work” entangled with a thread of “Hope”. They didn’t just limit themselves to “Action”; instead they retrofitted it with those mystical ideas that boost up the soul to new ranges.

Fourteen hundred years ago, those people had the thing called “Belief”.  They shared it equally with each other. Their beliefs gave them those heights. Nowadays our so-called rational minds don’t let us feel that mystical power of “belief”; instead we use the word “Hope” for it. We want a reason for everything, that’s why we associate an explanation to every single thing in this world, whether it’s real or abstract. I am not saying, in any way, that “Hope” is a bad thing. If that provides one even a fragment of positivity, then he certainly should clutch it right away.

Wise people say that the world will not vanish if you close your eyes. I tried closing my eyes at one time, but when I opened them, the world was still there, in an even worse condition. I am not closing my eyes any more. I don’t say that you should jump from your track to mine if I am following a certain path. Neither do I encourage you to follow a certain religion. You are my friend … my brother. I just ask a little step of optimism from you. We will climb those mountains of “Obscurity” with a stick of “Action” and the water of “Hope”. Now I am just left with these words for you “I am a Pakistani. My color is brown. I eat the same food as you do. My tears have the same chemical formula as yours and they reflect the same emotions as yours. I consider you my brother. If you can hear me and feel me, then hold my hand. We’ll walk together. Will you walk with me ?”

Sheharyar Arif. (Content Writer int3ger)

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