Murder Gone Wrong

[big_title2]Story: Murder Gone Wrong  by BB –BooksBunny[/big_title2]

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A crime story following the thrilling investigation of what seems to be a perfect murder, but only until a team of closely-knit detectives take up solving the case and are soon chasing behind the criminal. An original by int3ger‘s anonymous writer, BB -BooksBunny.

“Special Agent James Walker and this is my partner Agent David Lee. We’re from the FBI and have been sent to investigate the murder of Lee Yubi.” they introduced themselves…[link url=””]Read More[/link]

“James was sitting with his head in a pile of files when David walked in. ‘Boss. Yubi’s friend Bonnie just arrived. She’s crying like crazy right now. Should I just send Jared in?’…[link url=””]Read More[/link]

“James stared at the wall of his office, emerged in his thoughts of this mysterious case. Two days had already passed by and here he was, still stuck with no solutions. Who was the real killer? …[link url=””]Read More[/link]

“Daniel Bracks walked into the building and began taking a closer look at his surroundings. All he could see were people bustling around and discussing documents of work. …[link url=” ‎“]Read More[/link]

One hour before kidnapping…David went back to his office and stared at the board of pictures of the crime scene. There has to be something that we missed out. But what is it? …[link url=””]Read More[/link]

    • Chapter 6

    • Chapter 7

    • Chapter 8

    • Chapter 9

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