Murder Gone Wrong – Chapter1

[big_title2]Story: Murder Gone Wrong  by BB –BooksBunny[/big_title2] Crime Story

[big_title]Chapter 1[/big_title]

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Crime Story


‘I’m Special Agent James Walker and this is my partner Agent David Lee. We’re from the FBI and have been sent to investigate the murder of Lee Yubi.’ they introduced themselves as they stood at the door of Room 308.

‘Come on in.’

James kneeled down in front of the body and took a closer look.

‘Okay. What have we got here? One single shot to the heart and no signs of struggle. A fracture to the back of the head means that she must have fallen into the cupboard so was she was facing towards the inside.’

‘Wow. It’s like she didn’t even know what hit her.’ David grimaced at the sight.

‘Maybe he told her to find something to distract her and then shot her as she turned around.’

‘That is a possibility.’

‘But what was the killer’s goal here?’

‘Robbery gone wrong? Some sort of revenge, maybe? ‘

‘Doesn’t look like anything’s been taken. Where’s Jared? ‘

‘Right here and ready for service.’ Jared said cheerfully as he walked to stand behind David.

‘Great. You’re early for once.’ James said.

‘So what case do we have for today? ‘

‘Take a look for yourself and give us your insight because I’m not in the mood to repeat anything.’

‘Fair enough.’

Jared walked back and forth and turned his head here and there to get a proper look at the room.

‘Well, atleast one thing’s clear. She hasn’t been here for a very long time. Her plan was to probably spend two days here and leave. ‘Guess leaving wasn’t really an option.’ he said the last part as he looked at the victim.

‘It could be a business trip. ‘

‘A business trip with only one employee? I doubt it. ‘Jared debated.

‘Are there any security cameras around here? ’ he asked the guard standing up front.

‘There is just one at the reception area. We don’t put CCTV in the hallways to protect our customers’ privacy.’

‘Then killing must be part of that privacy.’ David said in a hushed tone.

‘Harry. Have you narrowed down the time of murder? ‘

‘Of course. It hasn’t been very long since the blood dried so I’m putting the time of death been 9 pm and 11:30 pm. I’ll do the autopsy as soon as we reach the laboratory but for now, this is all I can help you with.’

‘Alright. We’re done checking here so have her delivered to the headquarters and get to it.’

‘Yes sir. ‘

‘David. Get that camera footage and get it to Ben. Tell him to check anything and everything that happened from 9 to 11:30 pm. ‘

‘I’ll get right on it.’


‘Cameron. Have you gotten any suspects for me yet?’

‘It’s going to be very tight. The victim lost her parents in a car accident last year and has only one older sister. Also, she has only one close friend name Bonnie, who’s been married for two years. That’s pretty much it.’

‘Oh and David already called both of them and they’re on their way.’ he added.

‘That’s good. Now take a look into Yubi’s financials, bank accounts and whatever else you can find. There has to be something that pops up otherwise we’re really going to hit rock bottom. ‘

‘Here it is. Seems that you were right. Apparently someone from an anonymous bank account deposited $100,000 to her every Sunday for the past three weeks. Drug dealing, possibly?’

‘But why deposit that much to a bank account? Don’t dealers usually exchange their money in big suitcases? ‘

‘Boss! Some guy in a beige raincoat is here to see you.’ his talk with Cameron was interrupted when David came running through the hallway.

‘What? Why? ‘

‘I don’t know. He just said he wants to tell you something important.’


‘Hi. I’m Special Agent James Walker. I heard that you specifically asked for me.’ he said as he shook hands with the man.

‘My name is Peter Wales and I’m here to confess.’

‘Confess for what? ‘

‘For the murder of Lee Yubi.’ he answered in a straight and serious tone.


‘Can you just tell me the details of how it all happened?’ James said as he took a seat opposite Peter.

‘So I just took the elevator and went up to the 3rd floor. I-I-I-I knocked on her door and she opened it after a few seconds. I told her that I needed a book, you know, just to distract her and then as soon as she turned around, I shot her.’

‘Wait. What room number did you say it was?’

‘Room 308.’

‘Okay. So why did you shoot her? ‘

‘I don’t know. I was just so mad and aggravated when I saw her.’

‘How are you even related to her? ‘

‘That’s the problem. I’ve never seen her before in my life.’

‘What the hell?! Are you seriously saying that you got mad, went up to a random person’s room and just shot her?! Does that even make sense?! ‘James slammed his file on the table.

‘Look. My head’s been really messed up for the past week and I can’t even remember half the stuff I did but that memory of shooting her was just so vivid. I really thought I was going to explode with guilt if I didn’t come here.’ the man said as he held his head in both hands.

‘Thank you for coming but you are hardly any help right now.’

James walked out of the interrogation room.


‘So how’d it go? ‘

‘I don’t know. That idiot can’t even understand half the words he’s saying. Anyway, just go to his house and look for the gun or any other evidence that links him to the crime.’

‘Alright. ‘

‘Ben. Run the security footage again and check if this Peter guy even came into the building or not.’

‘Already on it, boss.’


‘Let me guess. There was no gun and nothing related to this woman whatsoever. ‘James stated as he saw David walk out of the elevator.

‘You got that right. All we found was this journal. There are a few writings and scribbles here and there but nothing important.’ he said as he held the old book up.

‘Can I give it a read? ‘Jared interrupted.

‘Go nuts.’ David threw the book to him.

‘Boss. I repeatedly checked the footage but Peter did not even enter the building.’ Ben said.

‘I think I can top that. I just came back from his college and our friend here even has an alibi. He was with his friends at a café nearby doing homework from 9 pm till 1 pm. That completely erases out his appearance during our time of death.’ Daniel stepped in.

‘This is one hell of a mess.’ James sighed in frustration.


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Crime Story

BB BooksBunny (Story Writer int3ger)

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