Murder Gone Wrong – Chapter2

[big_title2]Story: Murder Gone Wrong  by BB –BooksBunny[/big_title2] Crime Story

[big_title]Chapter 2[/big_title]

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Crime Story


James was sitting with his head in a pile of files when David walked in.

‘Boss. Yubi’s friend Bonnie just arrived. She’s crying like crazy right now. Should I just send Jared in?’

‘Yeah. He’s the only choice we have when it comes to this kind of situation.’

‘Okay.’ he left.


‘So how’s Bonnie doing? James asked as Jared stepped out of his office.

‘She’s calmer now, I guess. Looks like my charms worked on her.’ Jared said cheekily.

James scoffed.

‘So you got an alibi from her?’

‘Yeah. She was working late at the company with her friends. I gave them a call and they testified so she’s free to go.’

‘Any other information from her? ‘

‘Sure. She said Yubi was always a hard worker but not a lot of people really took notice of her.’

‘What about Bonnie’s husband? ‘

‘He’s working in San Francisco right now but he’ll be flying back here tomorrow for the interview. Oh and she also said that Yubi had been fidgeting a lot lately, like she was afraid of something. She asked her why but Yubi just wouldn’t talk about it and always tried to change the subject when she brought it up.’

‘Okay. So we basically have an unpopular innocent girl who suddenly starts becoming scared of something related to a bunch of people who we can’t even track down.’

‘It’s all a bunch of loose ends.’

‘That’s not the only problem we have right now.’ Daniel said as he stood in front of them.

‘What do you mean? ‘

‘You have another visitor. His name is Kevin Montgomery. Ever heard of him? ‘

‘Not a clue. But why is he here anyway? ‘

‘Dunno. He just requested to see you.’ he pointed at his boss.

‘What’s up with all this popularity? Have you been secretly going to clubs or something? ‘Jared asked teasingly.

‘Hey. You can’t just ditch us and go solo!’ Daniel interfered.

‘Both of you shut up. This is a workplace. Now where is that Kevin guy?’

‘I already put him in the interrogation room.’ Daniel replied.

‘Why? ‘

‘I have a feeling he’s probably going to end up there either way.’

‘Whatever.’ James waved off his junior’s words, not wanting to have another unnecessary conversation.


‘I don’t think I need to introduce myself since you somehow already know who I am. So what can I do for you? ‘James took his seat opposite Kevin.

‘I’ve always been interested in becoming a policeman and actually happen to know a lot about the FBI. You’re one of the top people in the Department of Homicide so I had to come here to see you in this situation.’

‘And what might this situation be? ‘

‘I killed a woman. A woman named Lee Yubi.’

‘Huh? You’re kidding me, right? ‘he raised his voice as he was dumbfounded by the boy’s words.

‘No sir. I’m absolutely serious. I remember it so clearly. I just can’t believe I was capable of something like this.’ the boy groaned.

‘Okay. So how’d it all happen? ‘

‘Umm … so I walked into the hotel with a gun in my bag and I went up to the third floor.’

‘What was her room number? ‘

‘I don’t remember.’ Kevin answered blankly.

James smirked.

Is this kid really trying to play me right now?

‘So you’re saying that you don’t even know where you killed her? ‘

‘No. No. Wait. It’s coming to me. Yes! It was Room 308.’

A frown appeared on James’s face again.

‘Fine. So what happened after that? ‘he gritted his teeth.

‘So she opened the door with this big smile on her face and –‘

‘It made you mad enough to shoot her, right? ‘

‘That’s so cool. Do they teach you how to read minds here too? ‘the boy asked with a sparkle in his eye.

‘Doesn’t matter. You got anything else on you that I don’t know about already? ‘

‘I don’t know. I’ve been getting these crazy headaches from since last week.’

What the hell?

‘Wait. Do you know this guy, by any chance? ‘he placed a picture of Peter Wales on the table.

‘He looks familiar but I don’t know where I’ve seen him before. ‘

‘At a café or a library maybe? ‘

Kevin shook his head in disagreement.

‘I don’t think so. But who is he? Are we like, supposed to be related or something?’

‘That’s what we would like to know.’ James sighed.


‘Alright you guys. We’ve got another pile of shit on our hands. Daniel. Go to Kevin’s house and try to find some evidence if you can. Something that can atleast relate him to Peter.’

‘I’m on it, boss.’

‘Ben. Since you’ve already gone through the footage a thousand times, you noticed this guy anywhere? ‘

‘Nope.’ Ben sighed.

‘Boss. You mind if I go to the crime scene again? Just in case we missed anything.’ David asked.

‘Go ahead. Hopefully something will come up.’

‘Cameron. Did Harry send the results of the autopsy yet? ‘

‘Yup and by the looks of it, Yubi might’ve been drugged before she was even killed. It says here that she had traces of ketamine, alcohol and choral hydrate in her system.’

‘But why bother drugging someone when you can shoot them right away? ‘

Cameron shrugged.


‘Boss! I think I finally found something! ‘Daniel came running into the office.

‘What is it? ‘James looked up in interest.

‘You know that journal that David found at Peter’s house? ‘, James nodded,’ there are scribbles of a similar S or flower like symbol on one of Kevin’s college books too. ‘

‘A symbol? It probably stands for a company or something. Tell Cameron to check it out.’


‘I got it. This symbol is actually the logo of a company called SRF (Stress and Relief Foundation).’ Cameron said.

‘So Kevin and Peter both had emotional issues. But that still doesn’t explain why they can’t remember anything from the past week. ‘

‘Maybe they knew something that the company wanted to keep secret so they wiped out their memories.’

‘That actually sounds very logical but we still don’t know how Yubi’s connected to all of this. If she was an employee there then these must be the people who were sending her the money.’

‘What kind of work did she even do that they would pay her tens and thousands of dollars for it?

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Crime Story

BB BooksBunny (Story Writer int3ger)

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