Murder Gone Wrong – Chapter3

[big_title2]Story: Murder Gone Wrong  by BB –BooksBunny[/big_title2] Crime Story

[big_title]Chapter 3[/big_title]

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Crime Story


James stared at the wall of his office, emerged in his thoughts of this mysterious case. Two days had already passed by and here he was, still stuck with no solutions. Who was the real killer? And why would they go to such lengths as to hypnotize people into thinking they killed someone? None of it made sense.

‘Boss! Here’s the information on the CEO.’ Cameron handed him a paper.

‘Okay. Stephan Michaels. Psychologist for fifteen years. Started up the company two years ago. Blah blah blah. Wait a minute. He visited colleges and universities for lectures all over the country?’

‘Yeah. After opening up the company, people rushed up to hear his ‘intellectual insight ‘on their lives.’ he made a quotation gesture with his hands.

‘Which university did Kevin go to? ‘

‘British University of Arts.’

‘Cross reference that with the list of places Michaels attended.’

Cameron quickly typed in a few letters and looked up with a smile on his face.

‘You’re right. He visited British University Of Arts last fall.’

‘What about Peter’s college? ‘

‘That’s on the list too.’

‘Perfect. Is there any address or phone number on SRF’s website.’

‘No but I can track the IP address of the computer that created this website and pull something up. It’ll take a few minutes though.’

‘Give it a try.‘

‘ Ian. Didn’t David come back yet? ‘

‘I gave him a call but he’s not picking up.’

‘I’ll try.’ Ben volunteered, already dialling the numbers.

‘What’s up? ‘David picked up after one ring.

‘Hey. How did it go at the hotel? Find anything new? ‘James asked.

‘Nope. Everything’s just the same. I’m on my way back right now.’

‘No need to do that. We’ve got a lead and I’ll text you the address so just pull up at a petrol station.’

‘You got it, boss.’

He hung up.


James and David felt awed by the sight of the building as they walked into an enormous empty lobby. The woman at the reception desk turned towards them as they came closer.

‘Good Morning. You’re here to see the President, I presume? ‘

‘Yes, but how – ‘

‘Right this way, sir. ‘

She stood up from her seat and led them towards an eerie corridor on the west side of the lobby. They stepped into the last room on the right to see Michaels look up from his table with a stern expression on his face.

‘Good Morning agents. You know, I find it quite irritating to have my company being investigated this early in the morning.’

‘Well, we have a murder on our hands so all you have to do is answer a few questions and we’ll be out of your way in no time.’ James said.

‘Let’s get this over with.’

‘What were you doing on Tuesday between 9 and 11:30 pm? ‘ he began his interview.

‘I was here at work of course. If you want, I can have my secretary send you my entire schedule on Tuesday.’

‘Do you know these two men by any chance? ‘

He looked at the pictures for a few seconds and gave them back.

‘Are these my clients? Because if they are, I wouldn’t exactly know them since I don’t speak to every client on a personal basis unless it is a severe matter. ‘

‘Can we get a list of your clients? ‘

‘I’m sorry but that’s confidential information.’

‘Then do you happen to know this woman, by any chance? ‘

‘Ah yes. Ms.Lee Yubi. She’s a temporary employee for my recent experiments. Is she the one who’s been murdered? ‘

‘Yes. You don’t seem very surprised by that.’ James stated.

The man sighed.

‘Poor girl. She had quite a few problems in her life that even I couldn’t fix.’

‘Why do you think she came to you for help? ‘David asked.

‘I guess you could say that I’m very well known in my field.’ the man boasted.

‘I’m assuming that you’ll not be telling us what her problems were so we’ll get going. Thank you for your help.’

‘You’re absolutely right. My secretary will show you the way out.’


‘Dude. You know that he’s lying so why did you make us leave like that? ‘David asked as they reached the headquarters.

‘Look. Our strategy is to just make him think he’s off our radar for now. He’ll mess up and we’ll catch him then.’

‘So what do you want me to do now? ‘

‘Go back to Kevin and Peter. Try to make them jog their memories again. Oh and can you call Daniel in here.’



‘So which one of us is the killer? ‘Kevin asked as Daniel took his seat in front of them.

‘I have no idea. How about you two just run the story with me again. This time, try to focus on every possible detail you can.’

‘First, both of you took the elevator to the 3rd floor and knocked on the room’s door, right? ‘

Both of them nodded.

‘Are you sure that both of you were alone? Did you see anyone pass by or anything? ‘

‘Nope. It was totally empty. ‘Kevin replied.

‘Then she opened the door and you told her you wanted a book. Were there any clothes scattered on the bed or a crack in the window or something out of the ordinary.’

‘I don’t think so. I remember that there was a suitcase with clothes in it but other than that, the room was pretty clean.’ Peter replied.

‘It’s surprising he even saw that much. All I remember was her sliding the cupboard door open and before I even knew it , I shot her.’ Kevin said.

David sighed.

‘This is useless. Anyway , the security guards will take you guys back home and will be giving you guys full protection until this case is solved so if you remember anything at all , just give me a call.’


‘Hey boss. You rarely call me like this so it must be important.’ Daniel peaked into the office.

‘Close the blinds first.’ James ordered.

Daniel did as he was told and sat down in front of his senior.

‘I need you to do a big favour for me.’


‘I want you to go to Seattle and go to Yubi’s workplace undercover.’

‘Seattle?! That’s way too far.’ Daniel pouted.

‘I know but I’m just getting a really bad vibe for some reason. All I want is for you to blend in and try to talk to this list of people who worked with her.’ he passed a piece of paper over the table,’ There’s a friend of mine who works there and he’ll help you out so you won’t get caught.’

‘Alright. I’ll get going then.’

‘Oh and Daniel. Don’t tell anyone about this. This is only between you and me.’

‘You got it, boss.’


David went back to his office and stared at the board of pictures of the crime scene.

There has to be something that we missed out. But what is it?

It’s as though his question was just waiting to be answered when he put a hand over his mouth as he realised one obvious mistake in all the pictures.

Oh my god! I can’t believe it!


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Crime Story

BB BooksBunny (Story Writer int3ger)

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