Murder Gone Wrong – Chapter4

[big_title2]Story: Murder Gone Wrong  by BB –BooksBunny[/big_title2] Crime Story

[big_title]Chapter 4[/big_title]

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Crime Story


Daniel Bracks walked into the building and began taking a closer look at his surroundings. All he could see were people bustling around and discussing documents of work. It just seemed like a mad house to him. He turned his head from left to right to find what he was looking for.

Here it is. Now where is the Director’s office? He thought as he stood staring at an information board beside the elevator.

He knocked on the door and heard a low voice telling him to ‘Come in.’

‘Good Morning. Director Henson Michelle, right? ‘

‘The one and only.’ the man replied with a smile.

‘I’m Agent Daniel Bracks from the FBI. I heard that our boss already notified you about that.’

‘Yes. James told me you would be coming and I am willing to provide you with any help whatsoever.’

‘First thing I would like to know is exactly which department Ms.Lee Yubi was working in ’ he said as he took his seat in front of the man.

‘In the Accounts Department.’

‘Have any of her colleagues retired recently or quit, by any chance? ‘

‘Not that I know of. How recent would you be suggesting? ‘

‘Past 6 months, at the most.’

‘I think I’ll look it up in the monthly register and get back to you on that.’

‘Okay. Now what kind of disguise am I supposed to be keeping?’

‘Since you need to get information on Yubi’s life, her department is where you need to be. So this will be your company ID. ‘, he passed Daniel a card,’ and a list of instructions on working your way around in order to decrease any levels of suspicion. Good Luck.’

‘Thank you.’


Daniel straightened his tie and ruffled his hair as he tried to look like a nervous new employee. He noticed how many of the employees turned their heads up to see their new competition as he stepped out of the elevator. He pretended turning his eyes from left to right to look as though their stares intimidated him.

He went and sat at Yubi’s table and started ‘working’. When it seemed like all the people had disappeared into their own world, he began searching every folder in her computer. When he checked in the Recycle bin, a small video had been recently thrown in. Before he could click on it, one of the employees called out to him.

‘Hey newbie. Want to go for lunch with us? ‘

‘Sure. I’ll be there in a sec.’ he replied cheerfully.


‘My name’s Tyler, by the way.’ he said, holding out his hand.


‘So how’s your first day going? Still nervous? ‘

Daniel sighed.

‘I just hope I can settle in this time.’

‘Why? You got fired at some other place? ‘

‘Nope. The building caught on fire and they were never able to get it back up again. It was a pretty big loss.’

‘Wow. Must’ve been hard on you.’ Tyler patted his shoulder.

First mission: Get close to your suspects.

‘Yeah. What about you? ‘

‘I’ve been here for around a year. The environment’s not too bad and the pay’s good. How much better can it get than that? ‘

‘Really? I thought people would start running away after that girl got murdered here.’

Tyler turned to face him.

‘How do you know about that?’

‘Who doesn’t know about it? It’s been all over the news. ‘Daniel shrugged.

‘It was pretty tragic though.’ the other said sadly.

‘Was she a friend of yours? ‘

‘Not really. She didn’t really talk to a lot of people and always stuck around that weird friend of hers.’

‘Weird friend? ‘It must be Bonnie.

‘Yeah. She always used to make mistakes and Yubi would always take the blame for it, like she was hypnotized or something. I just didn’t get that, you know. ‘

‘Poor girl. If you could make a hunch, who do you think the killer could be? ‘

‘Forget about hunches. I’m sure that b**** Bonnie killed her. ‘

‘But you just said they were really close.’

Tyler turned his head, here and there to make sure no one was listening in on them.

‘ Recently , there was a rumour going around that Yubi was having an affair with Bonnie’s husband and just a few days later , they had this huge argument. Then, Bonnie got fired for literally punching Yubi smack! in the face. ‘ he made a gesture with his fist.

Huh. She was lying all along.

‘Okay. Let’s get back to work. It was nice meeting you, though.’

Daniel smiled back.


The day was over and Daniel felt like he could finally breath as he stepped out of the building. His phone started ringing and he smiled as he looked at the caller ID.

‘Hey. How’s work going? Everything okay? ‘

‘Everything’s great. Haven’t seen all you day. You out somewhere? ‘

‘ Awww. Does my baby brother miss me that much? ‘

‘Yes. Now tell me where you are before I make David hunt you down.’ he heard a laugh from the other side.

‘Relax. I’m out working on the case and I really think we- ‘

Daniel stopped midway as he felt a heavy weight crash down on his head and his body hitting the ground.


David pulled his head up when he heard Harry yelling on the phone.

‘Daniel? Daniel! Hello! Can you hear me?! Daniel! ‘

‘Hey. What’s wrong? What’s going on? ‘

‘David. Something’s not right. I think Daniel’s been kidnapped.’

‘What?! ‘


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Crime Story

BB BooksBunny (Story Writer int3ger)

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