Are Microwave Ovens Really Harmful?


Are microwave ovens really harmful? Contrary to popular belief, no, they are not really harmful. Although most of us use it quite regularly, to reheat leftover and rewarm a cup of tea or coffee, we are concerned with the usually emphasized dangers of microwaving food. However, there’s no need to fret. While there is some truth to them, most are simply exaggerated.

Primarily, we all know microwave emit electromagnetic radiation. But so do laptops, cellphones and several other electronic devices that surround us 24 hours a day, everyday. Although it has been ensured that the radiation leaked from microwaves is too little to cause harm, people worry that on the long term, it can affect human health. To avoid direct exposure, simply move away from the microwave while it’s switched on. Considering the fact that our lives revolve around Wi-Fi enabled devices and so many other sources of radiation, it might be too much to find fault in only the microwave, used many times fewer, even on a daily basis.

Moreover, it is believed that microwaves render food void of nutrients. However, studies have arguably showed that microwaves are the best way to cook vegetables, similar to steaming. In short, the micro waves emitted cause the water molecules in the food to vibrate, which builds up the heat needed to cook the food. Hence, food is cooked quickly and without requiring extra water such as in boiling, which leads to nutrient loss.

Like with all other modern appliances, the impact they have greatly depends on how they are used. Instead of cooking or heating up already harmful processed or instant meals and snacks in a microwave and then argue that the food is unhealthy because it’s been microwaved, make the best use of microwaves with healthier foods to start with and avoid the unhealthy affects. So there’s no need to worry about conveniently microwaving your food occasionally.

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