Moral Bankruptcy

Whenever I think of beginning phrases such as “since its inauguration…” or “from the day one…” or “since the beginning…” the very next phrases that follow them are almost always accompanied by words like “problems” or “trials” or “suffering”. It just makes one wonder, how come we always have problems and such things. What is the most basic one that is the root of them all? How did problems start erupting? How come no one has done anything effective for the solution or even ever pointed out that yet rightly.

Well, as a start, let us try to point out what is at the core of all problems. Let us go back a little in time when on 16th of December 1971, we lost half of our beloved homeland; the main problem being…. No, let’s go back even further when we actually got that state on the night of 14th August in 1947 after massacres and so much suffering…. Wait. Why not go even further back to where the root of life originates. About 1400 years back, a messiah surfaced in the deserts of Arabia and started preaching a message of peace. All he got in response initially from those people were hindrances. Now, that may be attributed to… Well, wait a minute. Let’s go to the first crime ever committed on the face of the earth. Or even better, why not start with the denial of Iblees to bow down in front of Adam.

What was the core factor that prompted such a pious angel of God to offer such a denial and trade a cursed life for everlasting redemption? The sole reason we can carve out is that he went morally bankrupt. His selfishness devoured him of all manners. His loss of ethical respect was what caused his sudden demise from a status of elevation to a detested wreck. And when we look back down on earthly affairs again, it’s the same moral bankruptcy that has translated into humans which causes quarrels and breaks accords that are now the scourge of humanity.

The first murder crime committed on the face of the earth was the fruit of the same moral bankruptcy that encouraged Qabeel to quash the head of Habeel because he did not have that moral high ground in the argument. The same was common when the Last Messenger (P.B.U.H) of the Almighty was sent with a message of morality to preach. The moral-eluded society had only but hindrance to offer to something that was entirely opposite to their ways of evil doings.

The freedom of our beloved homeland was also marred by this same immorality. The British did so in managerial affairs and the Hindus and Sikhs inflicted that damage in brute force. But, the actual show started when we realized we have just lost half a country because we did not have the ability to muster enough compassion and compromise to fill up a teaspoon. A common observer may relate it to causes like those of linguistic difference, geographical obstacles and military misconducts but the naked truth to the visionary eye is that we were morally too sick to see what was right beyond that dark veil of egos clouding our judgments.

Anyway, letting bygones be bygones, let us have a look at what is the present day’s most dire problem is; the root of all evil. If a layman is asked about any such things, we get answers such as corruption, load shedding, unemployment, mismanagement etc. But the thing that matters is; from where does it all originate? Now, instead of blaming just the few ruling elite, let us look at the conducts of the common man. Every single one of us is immersed from head to toe in the pool of immorality. We do not have the compassion for our companions. We are blind to our responsibilities, whether these are regular like obeying a traffic signal to specifically assigned like doing our jobs properly and playing our role in society well in our day to day business. And that is where the origin lies. Each of us us is repeatedly doing the same thing we blame the others for. We do it within our domain and criticize the ones who are above us in the food chain. Ultimately, we blame the ruling elite but in reality their class is just our reflection magnified and rightly deserved by us.

The thing that really pains amidst all is the fact that the code of conduct we believe to be our complete code of life essentially revolves around high moral values. We do express our undaunted love for our religion in our words but those empty shells are in drastic contrast to our actions. And that is simply where all the fault and felony takes origin. So, it must be made clear that no progress lies in our way and no ray of hope enlightens our paths unless we adopt the values of morality that have been obligated upon us.

Affan Zafar

The writer is editor WordsMyth Magazine. Find some of his other writings here.

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  1. anonymous

    July 14, 2015 at 3:42 pm

    Well I have a little disagreement here. All the cases you mentioned, it was never evident if the actors involved in any of the above acts were actually aware of their wrong doings. There might be a case of error of judgment. How can you attribute every mistake in history to moral bankruptcy? Hasty generalization in your argument maybe.

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