Murder Gone Wrong – Chapter 5

Murder Gone Wrong

One hour before kidnapping…

David went back to his office and stared at the board of pictures of the crime scene.

There has to be something that we missed out. But what is it?

It’s as though his question was just waiting to be answered when he put a hand over his mouth as he realised one obvious mistake in all the pictures.

Oh my god! I can’t believe it!

He got up and left to find James sitting and discussing something with Jared.

‘Boss. I think the killer is just trying to throw us off their tracks.’

‘Why? You figured something out. ‘

‘Just come and look at this.’ he led them into his office.

‘What? They’re the same old pictures.’

‘I was listening to the recording of my conversation with the boys again and I caught something. Now here in the photos, you can see that the cupboard just has two normal doors which are thrown open but Kevin said that it was a sliding door.’ David explained excitedly.

‘So there is a possibility that they were hypnotized in a similar room but not our crime scene.’

‘That’s right.’

‘Maybe there are branches of the same hotel in another area.’ Jared suggested.

‘Tell Ben to start searching.’ James ordered.


‘Okay. Besides here in Kennewick, there is one Ellensburg and one in an area near Quincy.’ Ben said as he looked up from the computer.

‘Atleast there are only two more branches. Let’s split into two teams. David and Cameron take one car. Jared and I will take the other one.’

‘Wait a second. I don’t think we need to go to both places.’ David interrupted.

‘Why not? ‘

‘Both of them were somehow related to the SRF, right? The only way the killer could have copied something that happened to them is only if he/she was there to see it. ‘

‘Okay. So where does this bring us? ‘

‘I think those experiments that the CEO was talking about were probably related to that hotel. But since he is so conservative about its work, he wouldn’t work in a place nearby.’

‘Then Quincy is the best choice. Let’s get moving.’ James said.


‘Good Afternoon Miss. We’re from the FBI. Have you seen these people around here, by any chance? ‘David placed the pictures in front of the receptionist.

‘Yes. They came with a large group of people around a month ago, I think. ‘David smiled at his achievement.

‘Do you have any idea why they came here? ‘James asked.

‘None. They paid extra just for preventing any of our staff from even entering the floor.’

‘Do you have a list of all the people who came? ‘

‘Yes. I’ll get a copy for you right away.’ she said as she went into a little room on the side.

‘James. They were definitely conducting the experiment over there.’ David whispered.

‘Yeah but we don’t have any solid proof yet.’ James debated.

‘Here you go.’ the lady handed him a paper.

Wow. That’s a lot of people. He thought.

‘Thank you for your cooperation.’


Present time…

‘Ben. Quickly scan over this list of people and try to find if they had any relation to Lee Yubi.’ James threw the list on his table.

‘Dude. What’s with Harry’s smiley face? It’s creeping me out.’ he asked James.

‘He’s probably talking to Daniel. It must be pretty hard concentrating on your work and worrying about your family member’s safety at the same time.’

‘Yeah. I’ll be in my office if you need me.’ James then walked away.

Meanwhile, David sat with Ben to help him sort out all the names when he noticed the other looking at the paper with an odd expression.

‘What are you looking so closely at? ‘he asked.

Before Ben could give a reply, David found himself looking up when he heard Harry’s yells from the other side of the room.

‘Daniel? Daniel! Hello! Can you hear me?! Daniel! ‘

‘What’s wrong? What’s going on? ‘David walked over to him.

‘Something’s not right. I think Daniel’s been kidnapped.’


Harry got up and barged into James’s office.

‘Daniel’s been kidnapped! Please tell me you know where he is. Please! ‘he said as he fell on to the floor.

‘Harry. Calm down. All of us have a tracking device in our mobile phone so we’ll find him in no time.’ James patted his shoulder.


‘I know. Cameron’s already on it.’

‘Found him. The kidnapper is heading on a road from Kennewick to Quincy.’ Cameron replied.

‘Okay. You guys stay here and keep working on the case. I’ll go with a few more agents and we’ll get on this guy’s tail.’ James said.

‘I’m coming too. I have to see him.’ Harry pleaded.

‘No. You could get hu- ‘

‘I don’t care. I’m coming whether you like it or not.’

James could only let out a sigh.


After everyone left, David went to talk to Ben again.

‘Why did you make that weird face when you were looking at the names a few seconds ago?’ he asked.

‘Because of what I found. Isn’t this Ms. Lee Yubi’s friend Bonnie? ‘he pointed at the picture on the computer.

‘Yeah. What about it? ‘

‘That’s the point. This girl’s name on the list is Stella Middleton. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University Of Sicily and her father was a hypnotist for 10 years before he passed away from brain cancer.’

‘What the hell. She lied about everything. Why did she change her name to Bonnie, then? ‘

‘I don’t know. Something’s just not right about all of this.’


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