What Schools Never Teach Us


What are schools? What is an acre of building which is seen as a cathedral of knowledge? A chandelier of success, or a formality of the society? It is rather preposterous for my senses to believe that a single building which works like a factory, gets input in the form of toddlers and returns gentlemen, stakeholders, pastors of the society as its output is ever possible. If that would’ve been the case then why have dictators like Hitler, politicians like George W. Bush and religious scholars like Osama Bin Laden who were so called the pride of their schools failed humanity. As it is beautifully summoned up by John Holt that:

Children do not need to be made to learn about the world, or shown how.

They want to, and they know how.” 

The question that tingles my mind is why does the society expect itself to be tamed by the pseudonym of what cannot be materialized in the petty pages of books, cannot be crammed and cannot be sold to the minds. The schools of today are making us not to aspire our dreams but follow the dreams of others who are following the dreams of others and so. The societal structure of our schools admonishes us to think on our own. What can possibly a school worth thousands of dollars of fee teach us about the poverty of society and fragility of humanity? Pedagogy fails to realize that if all the minds were equal, then we would have nothing more than animals and beasts.

While schools promise to deliver the lesson of working together, the real essence of teamwork is never inculcated in the minds of students. Pupils take exams not to make the best of themselves but to get better than others. Where is the lesson of teamwork when everyone is working for their own betterment? Where is co operation when at the end of the day everyone walks home alone with a tag of their own grades up on their foreheads?

The schools teach us to be the best; they never teach us how to behave when you are at your worst. If everyone is expected to be on the top then what scale will be used to define the top when there is no low? The school fails to make their pupils realize that there is always a better grade then the first one. The lesson of failure must be taught to the society so they know the worth of their success.  As stated by Alfred Pennyworth that:

Why do we fall? To learn to pick ourselves up.”

The rudimentary lessons of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Quotient are lacked by the students because of the failure of schools to realize that there is always a bigger class waiting for us, there is always a bigger book ahead, there is always a harder challenge to cope with. There is a practical life waiting for us which is not full of pens and books but relies on guns and bombs. There are cuts and stitches on the other side of the class rather than grades and transcripts. The schools only teach us to read, write and listen, but never tame us to feel, explore and meditate.

The crux of the matter is that though schools are the fundamental foundations, relying mostly on knowledge of textbooks and the same teaching methods used over thousands of years ago cannot advance our society. The students are never taught to break their nutshells but are rather taught to adorn their nutshell with the worldly desires. These pupils are going to be the facade and the pillars of the society. The reforms are not only needed in our schools but more pertinent are the reforms in our teachers and so the entire educational paradigms need to be shifted.

– Umair Ahmed (Winner, Compet3gerArticle Writing)


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