Some Numbers from FAST-NU Batch 2013

Average CGPA CS Department by Zodiac Sign

Batch 2013 is graduating from FAST-NU Lahore Campus soon. The complete list of students from all 5 departments who are graduating this summer is out along with their respective CGPAs. So I took some time to calculate some very trivial stats (not really ‘stats’, some averages only) from this data visualized as graphs and charts.

Number of Students Graduating from Each Department

Before we calculate some stats out of this data let’s have a look the number of students graduating from each department so that we can have an idea of the sample size of this data.

Number of Students Graduating FAST-NU

Number of Students Graduating from Each Department – Batch 2013

BBA – 71

BS (A&F) – 37

BS (CS) – 101

BS (Civil Engg.) – 36

BS (EE) – 63

Average CGPA Comparison of All Departments

First of all the average CGPA comparison of all the graduating students from all 5 departments.

Average CGPA Comparison FAST-NU

Average CGPA Comparison – FAST NU

CS as expected and often complained by the students has the lowest average CGPA. After that the EE department slightly higher than the CS department stands at an average CGPA of 2.97. BBA and BS (AnF) close to each other while BS (Civil Engg.) with the highest average CGPA of 3.08.

How students fall into different ranges of CGPAs will be discussed further as we move along.

Average CGPA Comparison of Departments by Gender

It is an often debated subject that whether females show better performance in studies than their male counterparts or vice versa. From this available data let’s see what the stats say.

Average CGPA Comparison by Gender

Average CGPA Comparison of all Departments by Gender

The data clearly shows how female avg. CGPA dominates the male avg. CGPA by large margins except for the case of BS (CS) in which both male and female averages are almost the same. Bravo CS fellas !

Highest and Lowest CGPA by Each Department

Highest and Lowest CGPA FAST-NU

Highest and Lowest CGPA by Department

Perfectly sums up the struggles of some to get through university and the hard work of others to end up with almost perfect CGPAs.

Department Wise Breakdown of CGPA Ranges by Each Department




Majority 53% in the 2.5 – 3.0 range and only 6% above the 3.5 mark.




Similar percentages to CS but more students above 3.5 than CS.

BS (Civil Engg.)



Large number of students in 3.0-3.5 (56%).





BS (A&F)



Number of Students by Specialization (EE Only)



Quite visible that Electronics is the favorite area of specialization for most of the EE students graduating this summer.

Average CGPA Comparison By Department By Roll Number

I always had a superstition since my school days that students with even roll numbers perform better than those with odd roll numbers, so I tried to test out my assumption. Here are the results.

CGPA Comparison FAST NU

CGPA Comparison by Even or Odd Roll Number

Turns out I was not totally wrong, students with even roll numbers slightly edge out those with odd roll numbers, at least for this data !

Average CGPA Comparison by Zodiac Sign – CS Only

Quite commonly we see Zodiac pages on Facebook discussing the personality traits and behaviors of each Zodiac sign, so I thought of testing out if any particular Zodiac has a majority representation in my batch or if some particular Zodiac sign performs better than others.

Number of CS Students Graduating in 2013 by Zodiac Signs

Number of CS Students Graduating in 2013 by Zodiac Signs

The number of students by each Zodiac sign would give you an idea of the sample size of each Zodiac Sign.

Average CGPA CS Department by Zodiac Sign

Average CGPA CS Department by Zodiac Sign

Like all averages this average also gets affected by the outliers (very low or very high CGPAs) so this may be not so conclusive but the data is in front of you, make your conclusions.



  • Errors and omissions expected.
  • The source of this data is the graduating students list circulated by the university through email.
  • Any suggestions and feedback would be appreciated.

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