Student Life – Eliminating The Daily Headache!


Last one minute… and your time is over, stop writing! Winding my things up, many things are left unsaid in my mind. Carefully, packing my bag, I always wonder who’s going to win this race. Oh no, not again, many exclamations and discussions are surrounding me. Time to go home! I’m feeling sleepy but wait; I have an important test tomorrow. I should study if I want a good grade. Books, stationary, notes, laptop, and then hours of silence with them. Suddenly, someone enters my room and reminds me that I have to eat to continue living. Having my meal in an instant, I get back to my work because my assignment is still pending. While my little siblings are watching cartoons, I’m busy thinking about the upcoming events, having my mobile in my hands, displaying that famous blue “F” icon on a white square. Social Life? I can only spell it. Who’s going to compromise on grades? Not me. Now, it’s midnight, and I’m on auto sleeping mode but I have to complete my novel. One of my friends told me about a game, I also have to find time to play it. I’m getting weaker and less active; I should schedule time for exercise. One of my relatives is going abroad, finally I’ve to meet them, may be for the first and the last time. One of my friends asked me for help perhaps, I should get online for the tenth time to see what’s going on in the world I live. Meanwhile, I am having dinner at 3:00 AM. My mind is fused and….I’m in the world of dreams! Yes, I am the owner of Microsoft or CEO at a popular brand, exaggeration? Okay, let’s quit the joking and embrace reality! I am actually just a student, having no peace in the race of my life.

No doubt, students have to find 25th hour for their social lives and enjoyment but a little planning can make their routine better by eliminating the daily headache. Let’s begin.

• Make it simple: 

You are not alone when it comes to the “busy life” dialogue. Perhaps you are the one having title of the “Student” but believe me, everyone in this world is learning somehow, may be not from the course books but from their lives which gives tougher lessons than the unforgiving teachers. So stop with the self-pity and looking for sympathy. Learning is for everyone and we all are students here with workload burdening our shoulders. So, the next time when you are obsessed with your books, do think we all are struggling here!

• Compromise? Perhaps the hardest thing to do:  

All of us have heard the saying, “no pain; no gain.” Let’s follow this simple rule in our student life. Compromising a little on your co-curricular activities is going to pay you in the form of grades. However, do remember, only good grades don’t assure good health and peace of mind, but maintaining the balance in between what you “need” and “want” does!

• Beat time wasters:

“I don’t do useless things”, perhaps the motto of every second person but wait. Aren’t watching T.V series for 12 hours, eating all the day, listening to music for several hours and excessive video gaming basic necessities of life? Sure. Having just slight controlling your “time wasters” can win your several hours which you would like to serve on study. Wouldn’t you?

• Make a priority list:

“Will complete it tomorrow”, unfortunately, tomorrow never comes. So the perfect thing is to make a priority list for today and then to work on it. Only leave the things you are dying to complete for tomorrow because that’s the only way you’ll complete it all! Trust me, knowing what you have to do today, and what you can do tomorrow is capable of giving you peace of mind in itself. It’ll also save you from getting up, if you are already not immersed in something then, at 2:00 AM when suddenly you realize that today morning is the deadline.

• Learn to manage time:

Life is all about the race against the time and only those win who synchronize their lives with it. Time management isn’t hard when you make your priority list. All you have to do then is to fill slots against each hour keeping in mind that excess of everything is bad. Never forget to eliminate time wasters to find time to relax! Proper time to study, to eat, to enjoy social life, to pay attention to yourself, and to help others is necessary to keep balance in your student life. Try not. Either do or do not. There is no room for trying!

 Never let your creativity die:

Everyone is somehow a born artist with distinct qualities. Isn’t it better to utilize it for your welfare? Creativity introduces your inner peace in your daily life and it should never be ignored. Stress kills creativity and creativity kills stress. Getting bored? Take out a paper and a pen to show your artistic side to the world. Just for the sake of information “Exercise increases creativity”. So, next time when you see words flying on the pages of your book, rather than making a storm out of them at the end of your notebook, create something interesting to relieve your mind.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” –  Socrates

So buck yourself up, don’t get sucked in, work when you must, sleep and eat through lectures, have fun, live young and don’t forget to appreciate life as success is waiting for you!

-Syeda Marium Hassan. (Content Writer int3ger)

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