Recent Advancements and the Future of Technology in Pakistan!

[big_title]Recent Advancements and the Future of Technology in Pakistan![/big_title]

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We live in a country full of political fights and agendas that have ruined the way a normal country should develop. However, it is said that the curve of progress is a two way street. Once it goes down it will definitely rise again one day. Once the Muslim community was known for its extremely brilliant minds and love for knowledge. This tells us that the potential to learn and advance was always present in our people and though we might have swayed away it is very fortunate to find out that our country is back on the track of progress.

Pakistan has seen new advancements with respect to technology in a couple of sectors including politics, energy, and telecommunications. Talking about the first and foremost, politics we all know that elections or any political matter on large or small scale is always questioned by one of the two or several parties participating. To eradicate this problem new technology such as electronic voting was introduced. Other problems such as all the political data which was on paper was converted to digital data for various reasons including security.

Coming towards the second sector which took a boom in technology, energy sector has broken all records of development in Pakistan. The country has always faced shortage of energy. The core reason behind this has been the non interested government and people living in Pakistan towards green or renewable energy. However, now people have realized the importance of the fossil fuels and our environment. The government has taken steps by installing solar panels in small cities which don’t require such high energy to start off the solar system. Other than that prospect for wind energy and large scale solar energy plants are being worked on as well. It is predicted that Pakistan will be one of the top 5 in producing renewable energy and by 2020 this will cover 30% of the worlds renewable energy supply. From panels which were once 1% efficient we have now moved on to 15% efficiency and if we keep up the development soon we will see better results.

The third sector might not seem such a big sector but in Pakistan and many other countries it is a major part of the market. The telecommunications industry is a well built sector and is one of Pakistan’s leading sectors and hence has seen major changes in its technology over the years. There was a time when telecommunication was done through snail mail. We advanced to landlines and then cell phones. However telecommunication has introduced a new method inside a previous method. Internet on cell phones can be utilized as telecommunication and for that one requires internet. Pakistan didn’t have high speed internet as compared to other technology rivals such as India which refers to 3G and 4G related technology. However, this year Pakistan has now introduced 3G, 3G+ and 4G which means we can have super speed internet in Pakistan too. This is good news for everyone in Pakistan. A lot of things are made easier with internet working at such speeds. Businesses profit, communication becomes easier etc.

All this technology development has been a blessing towards this country and we pray that this curve stays up forever because such advancements are beneficial to everyone and effect people positively everywhere.

Maaz Bin Musa (Content Writer int3ger)

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