Wi-Tribe Launches Pakistan’s 1st Communication App: Hi-App

Hi app

Pakistan’s famous local broadband company Wi-Tribe has launched Pakistan’s 1st ever locally developed communication app named as “Hi-App”. The company unveiled the app on Tuesday in ITCN Asia 2014 for millions of Pakistani users. The app has been launched to compete with the international names already in this communication app category such as Viber, Whatsapp and Skype.

Users can send voice messages, images, stickers or any other kind of files and can even make HD quality free calls over the internet with other Hi-App users. One of the interesting features of Hi-App is Conference Call. Up to 10 Hi-App users can join a conference call.

The app can also be used to make land line calls (local and international) using Wi-Tribe Credits which can be charged from Wi-Tribe Scratch Cards easily available locally.

The app is in it’s beta phase still it has managed to get an average rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store.

Hi-App can appear as potential competitor for another communication app Line developed by an Indian Company.

To download Hi-App app on Google Play Store Click Here.

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